Should You get Your Lettings Fully Managed?


Whether you’re a fully fledged landlord with a huge portfolio, or just starting out with your first property, There are huge benefits to having your properties fully managed by a letting agent. If you have more than one property, keeping track of the needs of each property can be very demanding.  If you’re new to […]

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The Green Homes Grant


Due to the coronavirus having a huge impact on our economy, Chancellor Rishi Sunak, announced a scheme to help homeowners make their properties more energy efficient to save money and help the environment. The Green Homes Grant was officially launched on October 1st, but what does that mean for you? If you’re a homeowner, a […]

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Lockdown Rules For Shared Houses


From the rule of six, to local lockdown, the rules of what we can and can’t do are very confusing at the moment, especially when it comes to the number of people visiting houses. If you have recently moved into a shared university house, or are a young professional with many individuals sharing one property, […]

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Tenancy Notice Periods


As March’s lockdown began, some people saw their circumstances change so the government announced a ban on evictions to make sure that no tenants would be forced to leave their rental homes during this difficult time.  The government has now announced a change to the minimum notice periods tenants receive for evictions and this rule […]

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Key Tasks When Moving Into Your Student Home


It’s that time of year again, when you will be preparing to move into your new student house in September. While we understand the first thing you want to do is get a pizza and relax after all the unpacking, there are some important admin tasks to get through so you can start enjoying your […]

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Five Top Tips For New HMO Landlords In Leeds


HMO Landlords are lucky to be in one of the most profitable sectors of the property rental market. HMOs are heavily regulated, so it isn’t just an easy money making venture, you have to be committed to the job, but if you invest your time you can earn up to three times more with a […]

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What is Stamp Duty and what is the Stamp Duty Holiday?


During the time of lock down, the Coronavirus paused many industries, the property industry included. To help buyers struggling due to the coronavirus crisis, and to help boost the property market, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, announced a Stamp Duty holiday for certain properties. But what does this mean for you as a […]

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Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Student House


So you’ve moved out of halls? Choosing your next student home is an exciting activity to do, especially as it’s the place you will be spending most of your time outside of university. This guide should help you to make sure that the property you are looking at, is right for all of your needs. […]

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