Benefits Of A House Share

On many Leeds Letting agent available properties, you might see the phrase ‘house share’. If you are wondering what it is, here we give you the lowdown on why it might be a good option if you are looking for a professional letting. 

A house share, also known as a HMO, is a property where individual renters live in the same property to create one full household.

Renters have their own bedroom and often an en-suite, but share communal areas such as the kitchen, living room, and main bathroom.

With house shares, it is a great way to find like minded professionals of a similar age who are living in Leeds, especially if you have recently moved to the city, it’s a perfect way to make immediate friends. The bonus of a house share is that you can be as social as you like, the communal areas are perfect for gatherings or eating together but you will also have your own room, so you can have the space to yourself if you fancy a quiet night.  


One of the biggest appeals of house shares, is that it is a low cost option as it is split between all members of the household. Essentially you are only paying for the rent of your own room rather than the rent of the whole property, so cost is usually a lot cheaper.

There is also the additional bonus that bills, and household essentials are usually all shared too.


Not only is the payments split, but we usually find within a shared household, it is a lot less pressure than trying to keep on top of a household yourself whilst working, as chores are usually shared between everyone. Cleaning rotas or designated jobs are commonplace in house shares to really lessen the load. 


Similar to any other rental property, the landlord or letting agent is responsible for any property emergencies, from appliances, electricity to heating, you always have the comfort that it will get sorted for you. 


If the sound of those appeals to you, there are plenty of Leeds young professional house shares available on our website. 

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