Moving Home Checklist

We’ve devised this moving home checklist with home buyers in mind. It’s not a definitive list, so don’t panic if your timings are different. It’s best just to use it as a handy guide.

6-8 weeks to go

  • Do some further general research on the area you’re moving too.
  • Appoint a solicitor who will handle much of the exchange and completion process for you.
  • Find a surveyor if your solicitor doesn’t appoint one.
  • Check the contents of attics, cupboards and garages and dispose of any unwanted items.
  • Sort through your possessions and decide if there are any items you may wish to take to a charity shop or sell on eBay.
  • Research local schools and arrange for your children’s records to be transferred to their new schools.

5 weeks to go

  • Start to pack up non-essential items and label boxes with the details of their contents and which room they are intended for.

4 weeks to go

  • Finalise your moving date.
  • Book a removals company, and remember that they are usually more expensive at weekends.
  • Check your home contents insurance to see if you are covered for removals. If you’re not, your removal company will probably provide this.
  • Arrange for parking of the removal van outside your current and new addresses.

3 weeks to go

  • Order your packing materials – boxes and bubble wrap etc and start packing in good time.
  • Let your broadband supplier know you are moving as soon as possible, so you can avoid any penalty charges.
  • Get change of address cards to send to friends and family.
  • If you are moving to a new area, you will need to de-register with your doctor, dentist and optician and register with your new ones.

2 weeks to go

  • Investigate the best prices for gas and electricity in your new home and area.
  • Inform your credit cards, store cards and insurance companies of your change of address.
  • Book any pets into kennels and cattery for your moving day.
  • You may also want to arrange childcare for the day you move.
  • Inform sky or virgin media (,of your moving date to either transfer the service or stop it.
  • Inform the DVLA of your change of address.
  • Review security at your new home and you may wish to arrange for a locksmith to change the locks on your moving date. This ensures you know exactly who has keys.

1 week to go

  • Notify your local councils, both current and new of your change of address. You may actually be due a refund from on your council tax.
  • Call your phone company to transfer your account, but arrange for disconnection at your current address for as late as possible on the day you move.
  • Contact your bank with your change of address.
  • Inform TV licencing of your change of address but keep hold of your current licence until you get your new one.
  • Contact Royal Mail and arrange to have your mail forwarded.
  • Inform your water company of your new address and close your existing account.
  • Check with your solicitor or directly with the seller about when you will pick up keys for your new home.
  • Pack a box of some helpful items and keep it in your car – include light bulbs, toilet rolls, screwdriver or tool kit, some cash, candles, matches and a list of important phone numbers.
  • If applicable, empty and disconnect your washing machine and dishwasher.
  • Empty your fridge and freezer of any unwanted food.

Moving day

  • Take final meter readings for gas, electricity and water. You can usually email these to your supplier.
  • Remove your bedding and pack it in a clearly labelled box.
  • Tell your removers anything that is not to go to your new home.
  • Once the removal van is loaded, do one last check of your home to ensure all items have been packed.

After moving

  • Contact your gas and electricity providers to give them yur first meter readings.
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