The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Student Home

As experts in student lettings in Leeds, we know how important the right student accommodation is when you’re at university. But did you know that one-in-eight students sign up for the first house they visit, and one-third feel their accommodation isn’t good value for money?

From large houses to smaller abodes, there are a number of student accommodation options in Leeds which suit different people for different reasons, so to help you make the best decision here is our ultimate guide to choosing student accommodation.

Why go private?

Private lets are one of the most popular choices for students of all ages and come in many forms – ranging in quality and price. As well as giving you more home comforts, private housing is popular because it allows you to view and consider a large range of properties and choose who you want to live with. The main student locations usually considered in Leeds fall within Hyde Park, Woodhouse, Burley and City Centre Postcodes. Most student letting agents will have a good selection of available student properties within these postcodes.

Where do I begin?

Once you’ve decided how many people will be living with you, you can start researching areas. It’s also a good idea to find out how much you can afford to pay each month. Simply write down all of your in-comings and deduct any expenses – but don’t forget to save some cash aside each month for nights out.

It can be useful to make a list of everything you’d like, including the area, type of house and whether you want bills included. When it comes to the number of viewings, there’s no right or wrong answer. Just remember to take your time as you’d hate to find something better once you’ve already signed.

Local letting agencies are the best place to start when looking for your new student house. Not only will an expert letting agency ensure you are well-equipped with the correct knowledge but there’s also an added layer of security as they’ll work as a middleman between yourselves and the landlord.

What to look out for?

Looking for your new accommodation is exciting and it’s easy to get caught up in the moment, forgetting to look out for those all-important factors. Why not write down a list of questions to make sure that you don’t forget to ask anything?

As you go around the property, it’s crucial to check that the property is in good condition. What is the furniture like? Are the walls clean? Is the house secure? In addition to this, keep an eye out for damp, flaking paint, black mould patches, and a musky smell.

Don’t be scared to check if appliances are working. It’s also worth making sure that there is enough space for the whole group. Will 1 fridge suit 8 people? Checking the inventory is also a good idea – after all, that nice leather sofa may not be included.

Crime rates in student areas can be high so security is something that every student should take seriously when viewing a property. Ask about burglar alarms and make sure that windows and doors are secured. If you’re worried, mention it to your landlord as it’s likely that they don’t want any break-ins either, and may be happy to improve the locks.

What’s next?

Whether you’re going to be living with 2 people or 8, it’s really important that everyone agrees on the house first. If you can’t come to a decision then you should either keep looking or go your separate ways.

Student accommodation moves fast. Once you’re happy with your decision, it’s time to get things moving before someone else beats you to it.

Why not use our sbliving student accommodation checklist to help you find your dream property?

• Is the house in a convenient location?
• What are the local transport links like?
• Can you afford it?
• Is the house warm?
• Are all the bedrooms equal size?
• Are there any signs of pests?
• Is there enough furniture for occupants?
• Is the condition of the furniture adequate?
• Are bills included?
• Are there any additional costs?
• Are you jointly liable with other tenants?
• If you’ve agreed for any repairs/alterations, are these written down?

If you are looking for student accommodation in Leeds, why not get in touch today to see how we could help?