The property portals, Rightmove, Zoopla or On The Market

Property portals are the most popular method to look for a new home, and there are three main contenders that rule the web, Rightmove, On The Market and Zoopla. Some people will be happy to browse all 3 portals, but most will stick with one or two of the sites. So which is the best site for house hunters?

Rightmove is the UK’s biggest and the first property portal with unparalleled experience and expertise in real estate. Over the years, they have garnered a massive following and most people think of Rightmove before any other.

On The market is an agent-led property portal. It is a far lower price than other portals meaning it is popular with agents and hosts a great deal of listing. On The Markets other big difference is that it often gets properties before they go on the other portals. 

Zoopla started seven years later than their competitors but they have come a long way. They offers extra features such as an instant value for your property. Unlike Rightmove , Zoopla makes about 50% of their revenue from their comparison websites like uSwitch, and only 25% from estate agent revenue.

Amount of Properties. 

This is where Rightmove wins hands down, they list more properties than all other property portals with over 1 million listings. 

All 3 sites have a free app, and allow you to display search results in different ways such as grid view, list view and map view. OnTheMarket has the best visual display as there is less clutter, and search filters can be displayed or hidden.

If what matters most is the widest availability of property, we recommend Rightmove. If technology is not your strong point and ease of use if of importance to you, we recommend On The Market.

At sbliving we use Rightmove and On The Market, so look out for our properties while browsing the portals.