Moving into Your New Student Letting

You’ve found the perfect housemates to spend the next year with and you’ve secured the student accomodation of your dreams, now it’s moving day. Here’s some tips on what you need to do on one of the most exciting days on your Uni calendar. 

First Things First – Before your keys can be released, you need to make sure you and your housemates have signed your contract, paid the deposit and set up the rental payments. 

Where to pick up the keys – The letting agent should make arrangements with you to let you know how and when to pick up your keys. It will either be a handover at the property, or most commonly, you coming into the office to pick them up. You will usually need photo ID before they can be given over.  

When to arrive – One of the biggest tips we can give you, is if the key exchanged is booked for a specific time, that is the time you should arrive. Yes it is very exciting and you might want to drop a few things off at the house, but unfortunately the old tenants or cleaners will probably still be there. We just want to save you hanging around outside for ages, some move in days are really busy. The 1st July one being the busiest.

What next – Now you can move in and try and grab the best bedroom. We do always recommend taking time-stamped photos of everything such as the walls, doors, the hob, the microwave, the cupboards etc, just to protect you when it comes to getting your deposit back in the case of damages. Now the hard part is over, relax and enjoy the next year in your student accommodation!