Petra Sabova

I moved to Leeds in 2012 after I finished school back in my home country of Slovakia. I got a full time job and I also decided to study Business and Administration at Leeds City Colleague to get some extra qualifications.

Having completed my studies, I’ve ended up going into retail but my real dream was to get a job within office environment. Whilst working in retail, I developed good social skills, understanding for client’s needs and perfect customer services. I knew that I was ready to move on and find new job that would lead to a career. At the beginning of 2017 I started my search for a dream house to purchase and then it occurred to me, that I could try a job within a letting agency. As my search went on for the house I wanted, I became more interested in this industry and knew that was my future path.

I applied to sbliving for a role in the Rents Department, and was very excited when I received a job offer. I haven’t previously worked in the lettings industry but I was provided with the necessary training by sbliving team, especially by Elina who is an amazing teacher. Within that role, I had to ensure that all tenants rents were received on time and chased those who didn’t. I enjoyed that role as it required me to be very organised and accurate but also involved me helping many people to resolve their issues with payments, speaking with landlords on their behalf, trying to make everyone happy.

Having excelled at that position, after a few months, I was promoted to Senior Finance Administrator. Within my new role, I am responsible for all payments and money related issues as well as dealing with company VAT, Payroll etc. It’s also my responsibility to ensure that our landlords receive payments on time help them to resolve any issues. Also we can’t forget about our lovely contractors who ensure that all maintenance issues are fixed quickly and our tenants are happy in their homes, thus I make sure that they get paid for their work and on time.

In my free time I love to read books, anything what will catch my eye in the bookshop. If I don’t have any good books left on my shelves, I like to spend time with family and close friends, including my lovely partner. Now when it’s getting to summer time, I will be spending time in my lovely garden, doing some work around the house and of course BBQs with my beloved colleagues, friends and family.