Laura Suiskyte

My name is Laura Suiskyte. I moved to Leeds in 2016 after my studies at Huddersfield University. I recently graduated with a Law and Business degree although I have been always keen on sales and business development.

During my time as a student, I developed my own business and spent most of my time dealing with customers’ queries and also building the strong relationships between myself and clients. The goal of sbliving team is to offer a comprehensive and professional service and that has always been my motto and passion which is why working at sbliving appealed to me.

As a Maintenance Administrator I am responsible for the Gas Certifications that must be carried out annually at all of our properties, along with all other certificates required for properties to keep them up to legal standards and stay compliant, i.e. Electrical, Fire Alarm, EPCs etc. I am also dealing with the mid-tenancy inspections carried out at the properties to ensure they are being looked after and resolving of all the occurring issues that I find. I have to report and communicate with the landlords, tenants and contractors on a daily basis in an effective manner and work in a very busy environment which keeps me very stimulated and excited to know that I can provide a good service and keep all parties happy.

I haven’t previously worked in the lettings industry but I was provided with the necessary training by sbliving team and keep going ongoing support. I am really happy I was able to join such a professional team who strive to do their best by all clients and anyone they come into contact with. The supportive and encouraging atmosphere is always in the air so it motivates me going forward and allows me to give all my best to our clients.

In my spare time, I like to listen to music and read books especially involving psychology. I also attend the gym regularly and like to keep active.