Weekly to do list when selling your house

When it comes to selling your home, you shouldn’t just list it, then sit around waiting for a sale, you still need to be proactive. It’s important to spend a little bit of time each week to ensure you’re doing all you can to keep interest in your property as high as possible. Here’s a weekly to do list to follow. 

Chat to your agent

A weekly check in phone call with your agent is so important to keep you updated on the progress of your property, to keep you in the minds of the agent, and also to build the friendly relationship. Even if you just call to ask how things are going, your house will be the first one they mention to their next buyer.

Check your ‘For Sale’ sign

Something as simple as going outside to check your ‘For Sale’ board is still standing straight and is clean, makes all the difference. Leeds isn’t the warmest place in the world, and strong winds and rain can damage your board which can make buyers think its been up a long time, or even worse, no longer on the market if its fallen down. 

Clean your front door

Similar to the ‘For Sale’ board, you want the front of your house to look fresh and inviting. Make sure any plants at the front of your house are looking their best. Do a weekly clean up, taking away dead leaves, wipe down pots and check your doorbell works.

Check out your competition 

Spend some time on property portals each week, so you can see what’s just come to the market, what properties have gone under offer, and how they compare with yours

Check light bulbs

Impressions count, and any buyers that come around to look, can be put off by simple things such as light bulbs that have gone out. Not only do they look sloppy and make your house look run down, but it means your house won’t be shown its best, brightest light.