The Best Option For Paying Bills When Renting

When renting, the price of the property per month is not your only expense, bills are the second biggest payout. There are two ways you can pay your bills and usually it will be determined by your letting agent, your price per month may be inclusive of all bills, or they may not be, meaning you have to pay for your bills on top of your monthly rent. So which option is best?

All Inclusive

We recommend this as the best way of paying bills. When they are already included in your monthly rent, you already know how much you need to pay each month which makes budgeting your money much simpler, especially in a shared accomodation the price can easily be split between people, with no arguments about who uses the most electricity. Also, lets face it, it’s so much easier that the letting agent has handled it for you, there’s also no need to search through comparison websites to hunt for the best deal. You pay your rent, and that covers it all.

Paying separately.

For most people, bills included is the best option. However there is one time when it may not be ideal. If you are a renter that works away or doesn’t spend much time in the letting apart from sleeping, you won’t use your utilities much. If your bills are included, you will be paying the same rate whether you are there 24 hours a day, or one day a week, so paying separately may be more cost effective if it is based on your usage.