Selling Or Renting Out Your Home In Winter

When we think of peak time to advertise a home for rent or sale, we usually think of spring. However, New Year is a popular time for people to want a fresh start and a change, which means many people start browsing and viewing over December time and often they will be keen to offer promptly to get the ball rolling.

If you’re thinking of taking the plunge and putting your house on the market this winter, then here are some helpful tips and tricks to make sure your home is desirable to viewers whatever the weather.  

First impressions of the exterior.

Gardens can often be a bit messy and grubby at this time of year, so it’s important to make sure that the front garden in particular is neat and tidy, with the grass trimmed, and no walking obstructions from leaves or snow on the path. 

If you have any trees or bushes which are overhanging in the garden, it’s important to trim them back to maximise the light into the property. Increased rainfall and bad weather can also clog up the guttering, so checking for any blockages and clearing dead leaves should stop any unappealing leakages. 

Even a new doormat or a freshly cleaned front door can make the front of your house more welcoming. 

Make sure it’s warm.

If you have people viewing your property in winter when the days are chillier, the last thing potential buyers want is to walk into a freezing cold property. The best way to create a cozy atmosphere is to turn the heating or fireplace on.  This doesn’t just mean turning it on minutes before the viewing begins but allowing the home to warm up nicely before the viewing, make sure that you set the heating on a timer if you are out at work all day. 

It’s important to warm up bathrooms which can often be extra cold and damp in the winter, and also spare rooms to ensure the whole house feels live in and aired out. 


One of the downsides to selling your home in winter is that you don’t have the advantage of having sunlight to brighten up your home and show it off. However, utilising the lighting that you do have can make a massive difference in attracting potential buyers, especially on a dull winter day.

Ensure every light is on and that all bulbs are working. It’s important to think about the mood you are creating, and it will depend on the wattage, and type of bulb you use. Bright white spotlights, create a clean new look, whereas golden filament bulbs look cosy and warm. 

It is best if viewings can take place in daylight, but if a potential buyer is coming in the evening or at dusk, make sure the porch light or an outside light is working.


Do feel free to decorate your house for Christmas or other festivals, but don’t forget to avoid clutter. A twinkling Christmas tree will be attractive and cozy, and help people to really imagine living in the property, but try not to make the room feel smaller by filling up every inch. Temporarily moving pieces of furniture out the way for the viewing will help create space whilst not disturbing your decorations.


Each time of year has its own advantages and disadvantages when showing people around your property, but in winter, as long as you make sure your property is warm, inviting and well maintained, the weather should not hinder your viewing. 

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