Leeds Selective Licensing

Here at sbliving we like to ensure that our landlords are kept up to date with local knowledge and regulations. 

It is really important to know that if you rent out a property in certain areas of Beeston or Harehills, it is necessary for you to apply for a Selective Licence for the periods of 6th January 2020 until 5th January 2025.

What is Selective licensing?

An area may be designated for selective licensing if the area is an area of low housing demand or the area is experiencing anti social behaviour and some or all of the private sector landlords are failing to take action to combat the problem.  A designation can last for five years and may be renewed after this.

Selective licenses are required for houses within the designated area, where the whole house is occupied either under a single tenancy or licence or under two or more tenancies or licences in respect of different dwellings contained in it. 

Do you need one in Leeds?

You will need a license if your property is located on designated roads in Leeds. If you are unsure whether your property is in a licensing area, check the maps in the official designations.

Some properties are exempt and do not need a licence.

How To Apply

You need to inform the following people in writing, that you are planning to make an application for a licence. 

  • your mortgage lender 
  • any other owners of the property
  • anyone who manages your property
  • the proposed licence holder (if that is not you)
  • anyone who would be bound by a condition in the licence
  • any tenants if the lease or tenancy is for more than three years

How Much Does It Cost?

For each property or unit of accommodation, the fee for a selective licence is £825. However, you will get a discount of £150 for each licence if you are a member of Leeds rental standard, the licence holder and the owner of the property.

The fee is paid in two parts, with the first £400 due on application, with the remaining balance to be paid if the application is successful. 

What next?

If you are successfully granted a Selective Licence, you will get a visit to the property from the local authorities, this will be to make sure you comply with certain conditions, and proof may be required. 

These include

  • Gas Safety
  • Electrical Safety
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms
  • Safety of provided furniture.
  • Anti Social Behaviour – To take all reasonable and practicable steps to prevent or reduce antisocial behaviour.
  • Maintenance
  • Household Waste
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Changes to licence.

 If you have any other queries regarding selective licencing, please don’t hesitate to ask us at sbliving, we are happy to help.